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Click Here To Join Now! It’s Free is an online adult dating site. They have 250,000 members., in addition, to being a dating sate, is a porn site that steams adult movies and has a pay-per chat feature. The site’s purpose, as its name suggests, is to introduce members who can have a fling. A large percentage of the members tend to be predominantly heterosexual men in their early 20s. is very easy to join. One drawback is that you cannot view members before you join, but the initial membership is free so you are not wasting your money. The registration form is only on one page and takes only a minute. Basic information is gathered such as your gender, gender of person you are trying to meet, height, weight, hair color, eye color, hair color, occupation, income, interest and hobbies. You are asked to download a recent photo of yourself to your profile.

Regions has a worldwide clientele.

Relationships has many different types of relationship offerings. Many are based on sexual fantasies and discreet, safe fun. There are the traditional relationships on that the choice of man looking for a woman, woman looking for a man, man looking for a man, and woman looking for a woman. However, there are also search criteria for couples, group activities and fetishes.

Features has many features.

  • In the member area, there are thousands of overt pictures. The male-to-female ratio is 55% male and 45% female.
  • Other features include anonymous internal email, and an ability to add members to your black book.
  • The black book is basically a list of members that are considered your favorites.
  • also has a chat room that is password-protected.
  • As mentioned before, the website does have a variety of streaming adult movie from which to access. promises complete privacy protection.
  • Other popular features include free chat with models who entice members to participate in a pay-per-chat session. Additionally video chat is available.


Membership comes in three levels: basic, silver and gold. Basic membership is free. The benefits of silver membership are that you are allowed accessed to your black book and to enlarged profile pictures. You can also contact all other members via email except for free members, instant messaging, webcam, etc. Members can respond if they have a paid membership.

The benefit of gold membership includes the same benefits as the silver membership with two added benefits. A gold membership entitles the member to the best profile positioning; this means he or she will be featured at the top of the search results.  Also, all members can respond to gold members, even the members with basic membership.

The membership costs are not listed on’s website. There does seem to be specials that are offered. Currently, the silver membership costs $4.95 for a 3 day trial. They also offer a month subscription for $24.95 and a 3 month subscription for $49.95. The gold membership has its own special pricing of $9.95 bi-weekly for the premium services that they receive.

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